Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Felted dryer balls.

So this is something I have been wanting to buy for a while. As many of you know I cloth diaper. And I really can't use anything to fluff up the inserts in the dryer because it affects the absorbency and they won't wick away moisture as well. So I've been trying to get away from dryer sheets because they leave a residue in your dryer that makes it longer for your clothes to dry. Which gets on my cloth diapers. But man I love that super softness so it took to the web and searched and I found felted dryer balls. 

But one tiny ball was close to $10. And then shipping on top of that. Come on! So I figured. I could make that. How hard could it be. Turns out it was pretty simple. You just have to get the right materials. 

So what you need is 100% wool yarn. Which I got at Joann's for $3. (COUPON!)
Old knee high stockings. 
One skein of yarn made 2 balls.

So you make a little ball of yarn by winding around your first two fingers. Once you get a good amount slide it off you can tie it to secure it if you wish. Then start winding just on the ball. Make it tight. So that it stays together. 
After you've made it the size you want the you use a crochet hook to work the the yarn through the middle of the ball locking it in. You can do this 3/4 times. 
Next you take your knee highs and place the ball in the stocking. Tie the knee high. Then you wash and wash these balls with your laundry. Hot water. High heat. 

I probably washed them about 50 times! Kidding! Felt like it. (See what I did there) just keep washing them until you see little pieces of your yarn felting on the outside of the nylon. Then it should be good. 
Finished product. I think I might make a few more. Oh! The bigger you make the balls the longer they take to felt. 
I'm in love 

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