Friday, April 27, 2012

Papa and Finley have a food fight...

Interesting title right... I thought so. Ok so now let me explain myself. I went over to Mike's sister's house to have her dye my hair. (I'm going back to blonde after being a brunette for a few months... I know I know). So Mike went with me this time because last time Finley wasn't working with me and making it difficult. And Rachel has two little girls of her own. I had Mike go with me so that he could watch her and be able to entertain the girls. Well all was going well until it came time for Finley to eat. We've been giving her solids now once a day and she eats the entire thing. Well apparently she wasn't making it easy on dad. She was crying so much that she didn't care about the food. So Mike gave her a bottle of juice and she seemed to relax. But when were not at home we have this nifty squeeze spoon. You put the food in the base of the spoon and it squeezes out so she can eat it. It's really handy for on the go. For those of you who haven't seen Finley eat, she wants to eat it all and if you're not fast enough... she gets angry. I think its cute but Mike was pretty frustrated. But that was her first time that she wasn't an angel with daddy... Maybe I'm just used to it? So here are photos of the end result: 

I think daddy may have won this round.

I don't know how she much she actually ate... but I thought it was adorable and made Mike take a photo.
Mike put her in the tub then sprayed her off... She wasn't too pleased with that.
I thought it was cute. Who knew that Finley could pull off carrots so well?

Oh, PS If you're looking for someone to do you're hair I can give you Rachel's info. She's great! Seriously though... I love it when she does my hair...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swimming at 4 1/2 mo. Whaa?

So today it was 85 degrees outside and Mike and I have been waiting and waiting it seems to be able to get Finley in the pool, just to see how she takes it and Mike and I are planning on putting her in a mommy and me class in the summer. So we just wanted to test and see how she would handle the pool. We've done the bathtub, but we've never put her under. So we went over to Ontario High School while Mike was coaching and jumped in with her. She did wonderful! Mike and I dunked her and had her float on her back and pulled her through the water and it was so much fun.  Not one upset cry or tear. It was pretty amazing! She must be a swimmer at heart. I can't wait to get her in again. But as for now she's asleep from all that swimming! So now we've got to give her a bath to get that sunblock out of her hair. But I think that she was the cutest little thing in the world. A total mermaid if they existed it was great to be able to see and enjoy her first time in the pool.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being a mom...

Being a new mom is hard work... I wasn't expecting it to be this hard, but I wasn't expecting the reward to be this great either... Watching Finley grow and reach new milestones is amazing. I cannot believe that Mike and I brought this wonderful little girl into the world. She is so... I cannot even think of the words to describe her. She already knows how to work her papa. And she laughs the most for him. Speaking of her laugh, her laugh is so contagious... I love to hear it. She loves it when I sing to her and she tries to sing with me too. She loves carrots and pears, though not together. Finley is the most important thing in my life. I cannot imagine my life with her. She is such a personality so full of joy and smiles. All the sleepless nights that we've had (are few) but worth it. She is impossible not to love. She babbles when you talk to her. She's only 4 1/2 months. Everything she does is new and exciting. I hope that when I have other children when they reach these new and great things that I will be able to feel the same as I do now. Finley is all we've ever wanted. The truth is that she completes our family. I feel like she makes us whole. Like the missing piece of the puzzle, having her as my daughter is surreal. Being a mom is surreal. I love being a mother, I truly believe that this is my greatest calling. I feel so blessed to have this amazing daughter of God to raise. Oh, how the Lord must trust us so much to be able to raise his children... I hope that I do right by him, and provide the best for her that I can. I want so much for her. I want her to succeed in life. I want her to be able to have the best things and to have a home that she can always come to. I want her to know that her father and I would do anything to make her happy. I have never thought about anyone else like this (besides Mike). I want so much for her... She deserves it. I think that being a mother brings out the best in me. And a little hard work never hurt anyone.  And like I said... She deserves it. She deserves whatever I can give her, and I'll give her everything.