Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swimming at 4 1/2 mo. Whaa?

So today it was 85 degrees outside and Mike and I have been waiting and waiting it seems to be able to get Finley in the pool, just to see how she takes it and Mike and I are planning on putting her in a mommy and me class in the summer. So we just wanted to test and see how she would handle the pool. We've done the bathtub, but we've never put her under. So we went over to Ontario High School while Mike was coaching and jumped in with her. She did wonderful! Mike and I dunked her and had her float on her back and pulled her through the water and it was so much fun.  Not one upset cry or tear. It was pretty amazing! She must be a swimmer at heart. I can't wait to get her in again. But as for now she's asleep from all that swimming! So now we've got to give her a bath to get that sunblock out of her hair. But I think that she was the cutest little thing in the world. A total mermaid if they existed it was great to be able to see and enjoy her first time in the pool.

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