Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun night at the Fair...

Yesterday Mike and I went to the L.A. County Fair, with some friends of ours, (Denise and Derrick). We had a lot of fun, we went after school and were able to get in for free because Denise's mom found us some used books. Sweet right!? well we also saw the demolition derby, it was my first time and I loved it. (That was also free.) Good to know some friends who know so many secrets right! KIDDING! :) But we walked around and went through stores and saw some pretty cool things, like the shark exhibit. But they didn't do much, they were on the bottom of the tank... they were either dead or sleeping. I have no idea. But one neat thing that Denise and I got to do was pick your pearl. We found this booth where you are guaranteed a pearl once you pay a standard fee, its yours. Well we both did it and got beautiful pink/peach colored salt water pearls. It was fun. And not to mention we have pearls! hahaha But walking around the fair made my feet kind of swell, not too bad. But just enough to be annoying, but luckily that was at the end of the night. Mike and I really enjoyed hanging out with friends and having a good date night! Here are some photos:
 Derrick as an octopus!

 Denise and I has mermaids...
 I love Mikes face in this photo!! hehehe
 Denise and Derrick watching the Derby
 Mike and I <3
This was the best part. The car was pushed up on the barrier like a see-saw and the tractor had to pick it up and move it. (That car did end up winning but it was pretty funny.)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Doctors Appt.

Well today after a busy day at school, I went to the doctor for our little girl. After the initial pee in a cup, blood pressure, then tell you how fat you are... Mike and I were able to talk with the doctor, he's a funny little asian man. And talks about mermaids and medieval women. He makes me laugh. But I was glad to see that I am doing very well for a prego. Time has flown. but I'm glad to see it come to an end! I want to be a momma!! :D We were able to hear her heartbeat, the doctor told us that it was a good strong heartbeat. :) Of course silly doctor, she's a McGowen. Then he talked about registering at the hospital, Just filling out some paperwork. OH!! I almost forgot, I had to take a blood test that I had to fast the night before and drink this flat, orange soda, mixed with kool-aid tasting drink, then get poked again. but the doctor said that I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes, Thanks, I was a very grumpy pregnant lady without my food. But anywho.. the doctors appointment went well and its nice to be told that our little girl is doing wonderful. :) Our next appt is in 2 weeks. Now its off to study for tests 2morrow, poor Michael has a test everyday this week, isn't that horrible!! but he's studying, so I know he'll do well. And hey, I updated the blog, and it hasn't been 8 months, aren't you proud!? I am. :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging just ain't my thing!

I've been pretty bad at blogging, I'm sorry. Well might as well update you on our lives :)

Mike and I are expecting a little girl on November 27th 2011, YAY!! We're are very excited and I'm happy to be at the end of my pregnancy, I'm sorry but there's only so much that a girl can take! But I do have to say that it is the most amazing gift and experience of my life. Just to feel her move and kick is wonderful, Mike and I say that she already has her own personality, and we are so excited to meet her. I'm planning on trying to do it natural, again planning on it, its not set in stone. I think that it would be very rewarding. But we'll see.
One of my maternity photos, I love how they came out. And yea I know I'm HUGE :)
But that's okay.
As of right now, Mike and I are currently in school. At Mt. SAC. Mike is taking 19 units (2 lab classes.) He's crazy. I am taking only 14 not to bad. I'm actually taking a history class that I love, Mike calls me a nerd for having such love for history but whatever. 
My mom is getting everything ready for the baby shower and Mike and I plan on registering this week sometime. Again, that's the plan hehehe.