Monday, September 26, 2011

Doctors Appt.

Well today after a busy day at school, I went to the doctor for our little girl. After the initial pee in a cup, blood pressure, then tell you how fat you are... Mike and I were able to talk with the doctor, he's a funny little asian man. And talks about mermaids and medieval women. He makes me laugh. But I was glad to see that I am doing very well for a prego. Time has flown. but I'm glad to see it come to an end! I want to be a momma!! :D We were able to hear her heartbeat, the doctor told us that it was a good strong heartbeat. :) Of course silly doctor, she's a McGowen. Then he talked about registering at the hospital, Just filling out some paperwork. OH!! I almost forgot, I had to take a blood test that I had to fast the night before and drink this flat, orange soda, mixed with kool-aid tasting drink, then get poked again. but the doctor said that I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes, Thanks, I was a very grumpy pregnant lady without my food. But anywho.. the doctors appointment went well and its nice to be told that our little girl is doing wonderful. :) Our next appt is in 2 weeks. Now its off to study for tests 2morrow, poor Michael has a test everyday this week, isn't that horrible!! but he's studying, so I know he'll do well. And hey, I updated the blog, and it hasn't been 8 months, aren't you proud!? I am. :D

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