Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Days

These last few weeks have been very hectic in the McGowen household. Michael's new job keeps him busy and he loves the challenge. I have had the opportunity to take the kids to Utah for a week and we did a family reunion for my family in Shaver CA. Mike was able to come to the reunion but not for the wedding in Utah. While in Utah I helped my cousin as her maid of honor.  While at Shaver lake we went on the pontoon boat, swam in the lake and stayed in a cabin. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. They were exhausted!! Finley loved being in the lake and swimming in the pool.
Here are some photos of our trips... ENJOY!
Me and the Beautiful Bride!

On the way home from Utah. They are so happy to be out of the car.

Ready for the boat ride.

Merrick and Great-Grandpa

Playing at the beach.

Ma, I don't want a photo.

Eaten cheetos, and wind blowing in her hair.

She's so cute.

Dad driving the boat.

My happy Girl!

Merrick was so tired.

All the boating left the bottom of the lake all churned up, ignore the brown water.

Captain Merrick! (Thanks Aunt Rachel)

It was gorgeous. Tall Trees everywhere and blue lake water! 

Love taking photos with this cutie!

Finley is reading her Book of Mormon. Apparently daddy is like Nephi. hahaha