Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When life hands you...

Can't touch this!!
Well we've all heard the sayings when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And its a great saying but I think its a little harder to put that into actions. Life is supposed to be hard right?? Well I've decided to try and make it easier on those around me. I'm not going to worry about how others hurt me, because then I would just be making me stress and nobody in this family wants that!! I recently had an incident where my actions were called into question and my feelings got hurt. But I am trying to learn from this experience and grow, but again I have to turn the other cheek. 9 times out of 10 the other person doesn't care how you feel because its not their problem. And I'm speaking in general. My experience has made me see a different side of the coin. That everyone has feelings and emotions, and when you let others hurt you and you then return the favor, it does no one any good. So I am going to start being more pro-active on what other people are feeling. I am sure that I have offended many people. And I'm going to change it because of this experience that I had, I was angry I was hurt and most of all I was unhappy. And for what, because someone wasn't kind to me. There are many instances where I have not been kind to others. And I don't know why this moment has stuck with me. But I intend to change my outlook and my actions. I'm not going to worry about what others think of me because lets face it, people judge you on the stupidest things. And it only makes me unhappy. But I am going to give others the benefit of the doubt, why?? Because that is something that I wish that I could've had in many scenarios. I am going to care about the other persons feeling, I truly want to be a better individual and I think that this is the first step in getting there. I think that having this outlook on life will help me have a better attitude and to be a better mother and wife. And most of of all make my family happy which is all I truly want. I guess its a good thing I eat lemons just like an orange. Thanks for reading this weeks epitome.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wild Child.

Finley received this outfit from Auntie Katherine. I decided to post a photo so that she could see it.
Thank you!

I think its so cute!

Camping Trip!!

Finley is so happy. Her constipation is gone and the homemade formula is working wonders. Thank you all to have lent a helping hand. So lately we've been doing a lot. Mike is working and going to school. But recently we were able to go on a camping trip to the desert in Barstow. Finley did great. She fell asleep in the car and when we got her we put her in the pack n play, slept the entire night. Then we got up in the morning Mike went riding on the dirt bike, and then my mom watched Finley and I got to go as well. It was a lot of fun and I am excited for the summer for when we go to our family reunions. Here are some photo's of the trip:

Mike ready to go.

Finley loves the dirt bikes!

Me on my bike. ( Hadn't been able to go since before I was pregnant.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy little bees!!

Visting her cousins and Elliott let her hold her powerpuff.
Oh man, we are busy, well at least I am. the last few weeks have been a whirl wind. We've started cloth diapering which I love. But these last few days have been a little hard. Finley was constipated and she was not having it! So I've stopped using the store bought formula, and have started making my own. Don't worry, Finley is doing much better now. However, I was not doing well, Fin was screaming and crying and after 3 days off not being able to poo, I was at my wits end. I called Mike in tears, saying I don't know what to do. We gave her 2 bottles of apple juice and water, hardly did anything. So Mike made a few phone calls, and I called the doctors, he told me prune juice and liquid suppositories. so Mike went and found the things we needed. So we then took her into the bath and gave her the suppositories and it worked instantly. Not to give to much information but so much came out. Derrik then came over and she received a blessing and the change in her was so fast, thank goodness for the priesthood. We then gave her some prune juice, and  the homemade formula and she went right to sleep, so hopefully she is at the ends of this. We shall see. Keep her in your prayers. I'll try and keep you all updated.