Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sitting in the Silence

12:33 in the morning. And not a sound to be heard. Except the clicking of the keys as I write this. Man, silence is not very common in my life anymore. I often yearn for time to pick up a book and get lost in it. Or to even go to the bathroom, without my 2 children and the dog following me in.

Now in my life, silence is not needed. When I hear my children; an unexplainable joy comes over me. I love being their mother. And although it can be stressful. I am so grateful that I have two wonderful souls that depend on me and love me so much.

My children are constantly needing me, and its never ending. I wouldn't trade this life for the world. Some are traveling the world. I have my world right here.

I am so amazed at how I can see the love that my children have for me in their eyes. Its unconditional, and it is so infectious. One look in their eyes and any frustration, anger melts away. And I am whole again.

My children are my heart and soul. And I am so blessed to be a mother. To have that privilege from Heavenly Father.

I am so grateful.

My children have given me more meaning, I want to be better, to teach them correctly, to bring them up to be the best self they can be. And more than anything, I am learning. I am growing. My children teach me everyday, my love for them is stronger every moment. Even in times of frustration.

I am so blessed to know my children, to see their sweet and beautiful spirits. I am in love with them.

Being their mother has helped me strengthen my testimony of God and all that I believe in. His little blessing and miracles I can see throughout the day. Being their mother has made me better. And to be completely honest. I don't miss the silence too often. I often miss they're sweet voices and laughter.