Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Felted dryer balls.

So this is something I have been wanting to buy for a while. As many of you know I cloth diaper. And I really can't use anything to fluff up the inserts in the dryer because it affects the absorbency and they won't wick away moisture as well. So I've been trying to get away from dryer sheets because they leave a residue in your dryer that makes it longer for your clothes to dry. Which gets on my cloth diapers. But man I love that super softness so it took to the web and searched and I found felted dryer balls. 

But one tiny ball was close to $10. And then shipping on top of that. Come on! So I figured. I could make that. How hard could it be. Turns out it was pretty simple. You just have to get the right materials. 

So what you need is 100% wool yarn. Which I got at Joann's for $3. (COUPON!)
Old knee high stockings. 
One skein of yarn made 2 balls.

So you make a little ball of yarn by winding around your first two fingers. Once you get a good amount slide it off you can tie it to secure it if you wish. Then start winding just on the ball. Make it tight. So that it stays together. 
After you've made it the size you want the you use a crochet hook to work the the yarn through the middle of the ball locking it in. You can do this 3/4 times. 
Next you take your knee highs and place the ball in the stocking. Tie the knee high. Then you wash and wash these balls with your laundry. Hot water. High heat. 

I probably washed them about 50 times! Kidding! Felt like it. (See what I did there) just keep washing them until you see little pieces of your yarn felting on the outside of the nylon. Then it should be good. 
Finished product. I think I might make a few more. Oh! The bigger you make the balls the longer they take to felt. 
I'm in love 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family time.

Finley has been very successful with potty training and I'm so grateful. I was very intimidated by the whole concept. I mean it's not like I remember my experience! 
We've started playing our league games, the girls are 1-2 for win loss record. We're very proud of all their hard work and dedication. It such a rewarding time being able to coach these girls. We are so lucky and very blessed. 
Merrick is still on verge of beginning to crawl, anytime now. He has two teeth now and is getting over his cold slowly. If it persists the doctor wants to try an inhaler. He might have asthma. Hopefully he shakes this cold right off. 
Finley now stomps all the time. But what makes my day is when she sings along in the car. We'll be driving and a song comes on the the radio and she mimics my singing. She doesn't know the words but she makes up her own. It's so fun. She loves to drive with the window down and feel the wind on her face. We've taken her swimming already. Yes. Thats right. In the middle of January, I love SoCal. We're planning on going to legoland soon we've got some comp tickets. Thanks mom and dad!! She loved it.  
Michael is doing well. Hopefully we will be finding out soon about school acceptances. I hate the waiting game. Drives me crazy. 
I'm making a baby blanket for my next door neighbor who is expecting in February. I love crocheting. There's so much I can do! I've already got some future momma's as well that I need to make some for. 
Merrick is a toe sucker. He manages to suck his own toes but one time he rolled onto Mike's foot, and started sucking on Michael's toe!! Aw it was hysterical  I couldn't stop laughing, my baby boy is a riot. He's so calm and gentle. 
Mike and I were able to attend the temple last week. It was such a joyous experience. We've decided to try and attend every month and to provide our own names in the process. I enjoy doing family history very much.  I think we might get up to the snow for the babies. But life is good and we are very happy. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

All Aboard!!

Life just has a way of taking off!
Merrick is such a joy he's already trying to crawl. He rolls around to get to Finley's toys and loves to munch on her building blocks. She doesn't seem to mind too much. More often then not, you can hear Fin saying go Merrick! when he's trying to crawl around. She is an amazing big sister. She makes sure that he is taken care of. He adores her and she always tells him how much she loves him. And Merrick gets the most kisses from her by far. Mike and I are doing well. We live in a new place. We've got a washer and dryer and an attached garage! Wohoo! Its the small things you know. Merrick is sleeping 5+ hours a night. He would sleep from 8pm to 8am. But since he got this nasty cold from Mike and I being in nursery he wakes up. It does seem to be getting better. He's had it since November so hopefully he'll be 100% very soon. I know babies immune system are practically a myth! But we have him on medicine and its helping. Finley and I are potty training. And it sucks. We're taking a break and we'll start again on Monday. She's funny because she just holds it. And holds it. For hours. But the minute I stop asking. BAM all over the floor. But we'll get there. I just have to truly commit to it. And thats hard, cause we are always out of the house. But I'm going to have to be a hermit for a week… 2 weeks… a year….  Who knows. Mike is working at J&N Automotive. My dads shop. He is also coaching Girls Water Polo right now. He loves it. Mike has applied to colleges for Mathematics and he wants to do teaching. Hopefully we hear back soon. Mike is a wonderful father. He loves spending time with the kids. He is the one who tucks Fin in at night because she misses him so much. I love it. And she loves to snuggle with him. He also helps with Merrick when he wakes up at night. Sometimes its a two man job! We are so in love with our children and its so wonderful to see them grow and do new things. Finley has a best friend named Kai. He loves dinosaurs as does she now. And they play dinosaur together. At the park, in the car, in sacrament meeting… you know you gotta do what you gotta do. This new year is exciting for us. So many changes and new things coming up. We've got so many plans. I am currently serving in the Relief society as the secretary. Man oh man. Its busy, overwhelming, and hectic. But so far I am completely in love with it. Its totally my thing. I know I can do it and bring lots of new ideas to the table. Plus our relief society is pretty legit. So thats a high note.

I've been doing some research and getting names for the Temple. From my biological line and Mike's dads line. I plan to drop them off so that the youth have the opportunity to put in some temple work and then Mike and I plan on doing the rest. I think we might start going to the Temple once every three months or maybe even more if I can keep up with the genealogy.  Life is good in the McGowen home and we are living it up. We are in an amazing ward full of caring and loving individuals. And we are so happy.