Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family time.

Finley has been very successful with potty training and I'm so grateful. I was very intimidated by the whole concept. I mean it's not like I remember my experience! 
We've started playing our league games, the girls are 1-2 for win loss record. We're very proud of all their hard work and dedication. It such a rewarding time being able to coach these girls. We are so lucky and very blessed. 
Merrick is still on verge of beginning to crawl, anytime now. He has two teeth now and is getting over his cold slowly. If it persists the doctor wants to try an inhaler. He might have asthma. Hopefully he shakes this cold right off. 
Finley now stomps all the time. But what makes my day is when she sings along in the car. We'll be driving and a song comes on the the radio and she mimics my singing. She doesn't know the words but she makes up her own. It's so fun. She loves to drive with the window down and feel the wind on her face. We've taken her swimming already. Yes. Thats right. In the middle of January, I love SoCal. We're planning on going to legoland soon we've got some comp tickets. Thanks mom and dad!! She loved it.  
Michael is doing well. Hopefully we will be finding out soon about school acceptances. I hate the waiting game. Drives me crazy. 
I'm making a baby blanket for my next door neighbor who is expecting in February. I love crocheting. There's so much I can do! I've already got some future momma's as well that I need to make some for. 
Merrick is a toe sucker. He manages to suck his own toes but one time he rolled onto Mike's foot, and started sucking on Michael's toe!! Aw it was hysterical  I couldn't stop laughing, my baby boy is a riot. He's so calm and gentle. 
Mike and I were able to attend the temple last week. It was such a joyous experience. We've decided to try and attend every month and to provide our own names in the process. I enjoy doing family history very much.  I think we might get up to the snow for the babies. But life is good and we are very happy. 

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