Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Work, is all we ever do around here!!

Ok so by the title of the post, you can already tell that this is not going to be a happy one, kidding. But I just thought that I could post about our homework (So interesting right!?) well, Mike is constantly doing hw that's what happens when you decide to try and kill yourself via school... Not the way I'd like to go, but anyway, my husband is always doing hw. And he's always helping me with mine. (Isn't he wonderful) The photo, is of my actual hw... its due on Tuesday, but I still haven't done a paper (front/back), thats all for one class. And as it turns out I think all my professors got together decided to make everything due on tues. For instance, I have a Lab due (the photo) HW questions, and a 5 page history paper all  due all on Tues. Not to mention that I have a science exam that is when... ON TUESDAY.  So I will be very busy this weekend. Not doing anything fun, just homework. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Madness!!

Well Michael and I have been very busy with preparation for Finley... Only 6 weeks left on Sunday. Wow, seems like time is slowing down. But we are staying busy with school and trying to stay on top of all that. I have a doctors appt tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. Maybe we'll have more stories to tell you of our crazy doctor! HA! Well, we've been busy getting Finley's room ready and making it cutesy. But it is pretty bare because we don't have much until the baby shower, which is in 3 weeks and I CANNOT wait. I am very excited. But I've got some photos of her room and our theme. which is TURTLES! yay! and a few blankets that I've made for her... Yea, I made something. :) (There's some really cute clothes that have been given to us.) 
 This is a hair bow board that I made with Amber, hopefully she'll have some hair :D

 Our little turtle rug, (isn't it adorable.)
 Walls of the room, it was originally blue. But I didn't want to repaint.
 I think it looks like the sea... with the little turtle decals.
 Our turtles. The one on the far right is the one we got from Mexico.
 These are pictures of the the baby blanket that I cross-stitched.

 This is a turtle quilt that I made as well.

 Here's a close up of the cross-stitch blanket.
 This blanket we bought in Mexico.
 A cute little tutu!!
 Isn't this adorable!?
And last but not least this is a cute turtle hamper.  Hope you enjoyed the photos, and we're not done! I'm sure we'll keep adding to the room. :) And don't be fooled by all the blue, we are having a little girl! hahaha :D