Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging just ain't my thing!

I've been pretty bad at blogging, I'm sorry. Well might as well update you on our lives :)

Mike and I are expecting a little girl on November 27th 2011, YAY!! We're are very excited and I'm happy to be at the end of my pregnancy, I'm sorry but there's only so much that a girl can take! But I do have to say that it is the most amazing gift and experience of my life. Just to feel her move and kick is wonderful, Mike and I say that she already has her own personality, and we are so excited to meet her. I'm planning on trying to do it natural, again planning on it, its not set in stone. I think that it would be very rewarding. But we'll see.
One of my maternity photos, I love how they came out. And yea I know I'm HUGE :)
But that's okay.
As of right now, Mike and I are currently in school. At Mt. SAC. Mike is taking 19 units (2 lab classes.) He's crazy. I am taking only 14 not to bad. I'm actually taking a history class that I love, Mike calls me a nerd for having such love for history but whatever. 
My mom is getting everything ready for the baby shower and Mike and I plan on registering this week sometime. Again, that's the plan hehehe. 

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