Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well here are some photo's of Mexico and some of the things that we did. It was really a wonderful experience and I'm really glad we were able to go and see the people and some really cool parts of Mexico. We plan on going back soon. I was able to pick up alot of Spanish and understand people for the most part. And now when people talk to me in Spanish sometimes I am able to understand them, hopefully I can become fluent and speak Spanish one day.

I'm drinking something called Jamaica Water. Its made from a flower. Really good!!
 We're at a park in Colima, the rooster and the duck have been there for a long time. This park is also has the slippery rock, and if you slide down it you'll come back to Colima, and trust me we did!!

We made homemade tortillas, I am using a 100 year old tortilla maker. We had a lot of fun, and are excited to test it out. Because we bought a tortilla maker while we were there!

We took this at the turtle rescue place. They rescue turtles and set them free. This one thought the camera was food.

The great thing about being in Mexico, is that they don't care if you touch stuff. I actually held a baby turtle. It was way cool. The turtles didn't mind us touching them. We really enjoyed this.

This is at the same place as with the turtles, but this is with the swamp part. The water is red because of the tree roots. The roots are red, so the water turns red. I really thought it was beautiful. And there are also white tree roots. This is a crocodile infested place. We saw only two, but one was 5 meters long!!

This is not man made. When they were building the place, they came across this, so now they just maintain it. There was so much wildlife in the tree growth.

Michael and Jesus. One of Michael's converts.

The Bishop also taught us how to make Salsa. And Guacamole. I've been able to make the Guacamole, haven't tried the Salsa on our own yet.

We got to see the Volcano's.  There's smoke coming off the volcano, not a cloud. The Volcano is active and actually spurts magma sometimes!

 Us and Alejandro and his wife, Michael taught them, they own a taco stand. The BEST BEST taco's in the world.

The Bishop found out that I am a History Major, and decided to take us to a museum close by, I totally loved it, it had a lot of art work from the time period of the Book of Mormon. And being a History Major with a focus on Meso-America I was in heaven. Oh, you also weren't aloud to take pictures, hehehe.

The Temple in Guadalajara, it was so cute, reminded me a lot of Redlands. We weren't able to attend a session but we spent about a half and hour to forty-five minutes on the grounds. It was really nice.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!!!
Love You All!!

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