Monday, February 3, 2014

A daughters love...

Being a mother is the most rewarding thing in my life. Here's a little moment of perfection I'd like to share. After doing a home work out. I was laying on the floor. Dying, and trying to cool down. Finley happened to see my stretch marks on my belly. I have four little patches of scars. 2 from each pregnancy. Finley slowly traced the lines of the scars. And looks at me with concern and asked,"owie mommy?" And I replied yea mommy had owies baby girl. She then looked even more worried and asked if it hurt. I said no sweetie mommy's all better.  

My beautiful, amazing little girl then kissed those scars from bringing her and her brother into this world. And she calmly and proudly said. Now all better mommy. The love in that moment was unspeakable. What I couldn't tell her was I would gladly do it all again. What I couldn't say that those scars remind me of how precious she is too me. Of how lucky I am to be her mother and to have her be in my life. And that I wear my stretch marks proudly. Because every scar has a story, and I received them by bringing her into this world. 

There was so much in that moment I couldn't say. How can my baby show me so much compassion and love. I used to hate those scars. And I thought that I was ugly because I had them. But not anymore. 

My daughter has taught me that I am beautiful. My daughter taught me that life is mesmerizing, and that love is precious. I only hope I can teach her the same. 

What I couldn't tell her then was that to me she was completely worth it. That she has helped me truly know the meaning of love and charity. She is my example. And she is my everything. 

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