Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I am sound.

My husband and I had a pretty interesting talk today. We spoke in depth about The Lord and his plan. And with Mike being a Return Missionary. He was able to provide a unique perspective. I was having some questions on church doctrine. More out of curiosity. And providing a better understanding. I guess you could say it stemmed from the ordination of women movement. And the medias attention of that. Makes me think of the statement it's very easy to focus on the bad then the good. I was wondering about these women. I feel personally that I would not want to be ordained. I have enough on my plate. I think that this whole issue is taking away from all that the church stands for and all the good things that members accomplish. They want to protest in temple square suring the priesthood session, why? Why take away the peace of the spirit from other members why; create disharmony when everything is supposed to be focusing on the Savior. I do not know everything God has planned but I have faith that He has a way. It is HIS way that will lead us to salvation. Not what we think is politically correct. Why must this sacred work be twisted into something that it is not. The gospel is not something that can be changed by our hand. It saddens me to think that these women are taking away from the importance of the work. And more over that they are speaking for women of the church. I do not want them to speak for me. I am sound in my faith. You will not shake me. I know my purpose. 
Anyway rant over. Sorry. 
My husband and I were speaking of this issue. And I was struggling with how these women are able to say they are strong faithful LDS women. We got on the subject of Satan. And what we talked about was that anything not of God, is twisted by Satan. I'm not saying everything is evil. I'm saying Satan is around us everyday. He is watching us, waiting for us to slip up. Waiting for us to doubt. He might not be able to read our minds but he knows us from our premortal life. He can tell when we struggle. This is why we must be extra diligent. We need to protect ourselves with the armour of God. Buoy one another up. Help those around us. And to know that there is a perfect plan that we may return. Because we are spiritual beings having a worldly experience. Not the other way around. 

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