Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best days of my life.

Having two children is crazy. It's draining and half the time I'm lucky to remember to put on the right pair of shoes. I know moms with more than 2, are eye rolling about now. But for me it truly is a roller coaster. I love my children more than anything in this world. And I love being a mother. But even then... I have my moments. But need less to say, these days are the best days of my life. My two year old daughter will never need me as much as she does today. Tomorrow she will have gained a little bit more independence and asserted herself more. She will also be smarter and stronger. Same with my 7 month old. As I sit here and watch my amazing little boy pull himself up, fall and struggle to do it all again. I am reminded that I will never have this moment with him ever again. And it makes me cherish it a little bit more. 
Merrick is a momma's boy through and through. If dad is holding him; he screams. Mom comes and a minute later he's asleep. Although he will always be my little boy. He will never need me as much as today. From the time my babies were born they've been growing strong both physically and mentally. It's exciting and wonderful to be a part of. But it makes me miss all those little moments. In a way, I wish they knew of how much they have accomplished in their short time on earth. 
How much they have taught me. My children have taught me so many things: 
1. How to love
2. How to see the good. 
3. To never give up. 
4. It's ok to not understand. 
5. The best thing is laughter. 

My babies taught me so many things. And even though they learn new skills everyday. I have learned that as a mother you're never too old to be taught by your children. 

They really have taught me how to laugh. Today for instance, Finley comes to me with a big cup filled with ice water. And she pours it all over my leg and my foot. And I'm screaming cause it's so cold. I yell Finley! And she says with a big grin. I got you mommy. I just about died from laughing I said yes you did baby. Good job. 

Sometimes you just have to laugh it off. Because you will never have this moment again. 

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