Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mike and I are very happy to announce that we are expecting!! I am 24 weeks, so my due date is July 19th! Crazy!!! Life is getting pretty busy. We are having a boy, We have chosen the name Merrick Lewis McGowen. He'll have the same initials as his dad. Finley and Merrick will be 18 months apart. We are hoping that Finley won't get too jealous with a new little one in the home, but she is a very big sharer and loves to help out. Hopefully we can get her very excited about becoming a big sister. Finley is such a good girl. As we are fighting her cold she still is as happy and sweet as can be! I know, we are lucky. Mike and I are in school. We will both be graduating this spring and Mike is looking to get into CalPoly Pomona. (Still haven't heard back.) Mike will be receiving an A.S. and I will be receiving my A.A. It only took me 4 years HA! But I did take it easy after Fin, I was such a baby I couldn't leave her at the sitters. Mike is taking an Electric Engineering Course. I am taking a Human Development, Psychology, Athletic Training, and Theory of Coaching. All are pretty interesting. Took my first test today; I forgot how busy you are when you have a full load. Plus a little one, work, and another on the way. Its ok. Just have to make it to June! Ha... We have a lot going on. With Merrick on the way it seems everything is going so quickly when I was expecting Finley I had so much prep time. Not with this pregnancy. I am working on a maternity gown in between homework, Fin, and school. Hey! I have it cut out. Thats something. Mike and I are coaching Ontario boys and girls swim. Its fun but they'll be done in May. On a side note WHY do teachers expect you to go meet in groups and go to writing centers during your off time. I'm like I HAVE NO TIME lol. Plus my group completely sucks. Not a great incentive. But ehh whatever. Mike is busy with work at a machine shop. He works hourly and on certain days, but the boss is really flexible with school schedules. He actually only employs college kids. Gets a little crazy with finals week but its perfect for us. We are looking for a home to rent. Our apartment complex just raised the rent on us a (ridiculously high) because we won't sign another year lease. Life is good, busy but we wouldn't have it any another way. I'll try and be better about being posting but you can see our schedule.
Finley's mustache, she got it from her father... :P

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