Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Fun!

Finley and her Aqua babies friend Rylee!
Crawling!? Some-what!
Happy Baby Equals Happy Momma

Things are looking great here with us! Mike is working hard and always working, it seems! Finley and I miss him a lot but I am so grateful for his hard work. Well Finley has been in her aqua babies class. Which she loves, Mike gets in with us and its pretty fun especially because he gets to see her during work hours! Who wouldn't love that. Finley is going to start crawling soon. I can feel it! Ha! She is so cute, she uses her head to help her move but I think it makes her pretty tired, she'll do it for only a little while then just roll the rest of the way. Yes, she is a roller. I went into the back room to grab her blanket and I had laid her down in the front room, and she's babbling up a storm just talking away, as I walk out I see her half way down the hallway! She had rolled all the way down to come and find me! I thought that was adorable. I think Finley is teething, We don't have any teeth yet, but she was struggling to get to sleep at night last week. I just about died. She is usually a great sleeper! So I was in for a rude awakening! Literally! But I think besides the lack of sleep what was the worst part was I couldn't really do much for her. But she seems to be doing much better, her runny nose is not nearly as bad as it was earlier in the week. And she is getting to sleep much easier now, though naps it seems is harder for her to go down. But that's ok. We will soon be on vacation! YAY! We will be going to San Clemente then into Utah and stopping a few places in Utah. We're leaving on my birthday (Sad), But we'll be back 5th of August. Pretty exciting! 
Isn't she just beautiful!
In her Stunna Shades!

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